Whether your aim is to build strength, improve cardiovascular conditioning or both, I will work with you to develop and design a custom exercise program to help you achieve your fitness goals!

I pride myself on working 100% naturally without the use of any kind of enhancement drugs.  I believe our bodies are designed to work with us and with a smartly designed fitness program balanced with resistance training, cardio conditioning and yoga, along with conscious dieting and rest, there is nothing stopping us from achieving optimal health and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is your rate?
    • This varies from $75 to $125 per hour depending on how many sessions you pre-purchase.  This does not include travel fees outside of Manhattan.
  • How often should we meet?
    • In order to see real results, consistency and discipline are key.  I recommend we meet three times per week, or a bare minimum of two with the third being on your own.  Ideally, you will commit to adding yoga to your regimen for physical activity four times per week!
  • Where would we train?
    • We can meet in a few ways: I can come to your home, providing your home is equipped with a gym.  I can come to your gym, providing you will have guest access.  We can meet at my gyms, Crunch or NYSC, providing you have existing membership.  We can also meet at a Personal Training Gym for an additional fee (based on the location).
  • When are you available?
    • This varies greatly as I have a weekly group class schedule and other yoga, massage and training clients daily.  I will work with you to find times that accommodate both our schedules.
  • Do you work with people with injuries?
    • Yes, absolutely.  We will discuss in detail in existing health conditions or injuries and work around them to ensure your workouts are safe.
  • Other questions?
    • Feel free to message me via text, email or phone to discuss any other questions you may have.
Payment can be cash or Venmo (preferred), or PayPal (includes processing fees). Please contact me directly for purchasing!
4-pack 1x/wk/1mo $500 ($125/ea)
8-pack 2x/wk/1mo $920 ($115/ea)
12-pack 3x/wk/1mo $1,320 ($110/ea)
24-pack 3x/wk/2mo $2,280 ($95/ea)
36-pack 3x/wk/3mo $3,060 ($85/ea)
Outcall $25 (/session)